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Give thanks in everything

Give thanks in everything

You might think as you read this article, Is it really necessary to give thanks? Does it really matter to be thankful or grateful? I had watched a video titled “The Science of happiness” by Soul Pancake. Certain volunteers were chosen for the demonstration and they were asked to close the eyes and think about one person who was really influential in their life. The Volunteers were then asked to write few sentences as to why such person was influential in their life. Then each of them was asked to make a phone call to that particular person and to read aloud what they had written in their papers. Analysts were able to find that the happiness level increased between 2 and 4% for those who wrote but were unable to reach the person on the call. Happiness level increased from 4 and 19% for those who wrote and was able to talk to the person and convey the message. The important finding in the experiment is the person who walked into the room with least happiness walked out being most happy after the experiment. The idea of the video is expressing gratitude and thankfulness increase happiness in life.

Well, Most of us in the world may follow what is mentioned above. But as followers of Jesus Christ, our calling is a higher one. Paul writes like this – Give thanks in everything. Is it really possible to give thanks to God for every event that has happened in your life in the year of 2015? God probably would have taken the life of a loved one in the recent years OR you are now reading this article without a Job OR there is a terrible sickness that you are currently struggling with? You may even doubt, Can a loving God allow these things in His children’s life? Friend, with all of kindness let me tell you something – Our mind is too small and finite to fathom the mind of an invisible God. He is a God who looks the beginning from the end. He knows in and out of your life end to end. You may not understand why and what you are going through currently? But take a deep breath now and say – Lord, You are wise and better than me in million ways. I don’t understand what I go through presently, but I trust in you and your faithfulness. God is pleased when we as His children are thankful in everything, not only in Good times but ALL times.

Perhaps you have experienced abundance in this year, you had a salary increase, you had just joined a good organization with better salary, you have travelled overseas, and you have bought a new house, a new car, expanded your business and so on. How are you planning to express your generosity? Think about the homeless people in your community or the various urban ministries your church is involved to whom you can contribute. Teach your kids to give a portion of theirs to the homeless and the needy. Jesus said, what you have given to the least of these brethren, you have given them to me. Generosity is contagious. Also, think about your co-worker or friend who doesn’t have any one to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day with. Invite them to your home for a meal and share the love of Jesus with them. We as Christians should be known for generosity.

Do this small exercise as you sit together for the thanksgiving meal – each of you share a praise report on an important event that has happened in 2015 and as a family be thankful before you start your meal. This is going to be a pleasant experience. Let this truly be a season of out flowing thankfulness from your heart and God bless you.

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